[mythtv] Will it be accepted if I write it.

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Wed Oct 5 07:29:06 UTC 2005

On Monday 03 October 2005 06:02 pm, Robert Middleswarth wrote:
> Well fighting with a problem I had last week with my home network of
> myth backends I was looking at ways to try and make mythtv both easier
> to find problems and second when something does go wrong it takes less
> down in the process.  I missed several nights worth of shows because
> myth handed crashed but it just stoped starting new recordings so it
> looked like it was running but wasn't.
> My Idea is to break down mythbackend into several smaller pices so that
> if a bad command comes into the backend from a slave it wont also take
> out the masters abilty to record and also the other slaves abilty as
> well.  So I might miss one shown instead of an entire night worth in the
> event of a problem.
> To put it simply.  I want to start by 1st going thought and tring to
> move threads out from mythbackend and into separt programs like
> mythbackendschd, mythbackendtalk, etc. it might take me a while but
> before I start put time towards that end I wanted to hear from to core
> developers if that would be accepted if writen.

I'm not entirely sure what the benefit would be.  You'd have to have some ipc 
mechanism between the various processes, and I think you'd just be 
duplicating the existing issues with that, really..  The existing 
communications between backends and frontends is just that, really, and you'd 
be splitting things up even more.  I think it'd just lead to more problems, 

Might be easier to fix the bugs causing things to stop responding, instead. =)


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