[mythtv] mythtv commits (improperly dropping DVB channels)

Wendy Seltzer wendy at seltzer.com
Tue May 24 15:10:18 UTC 2005

I'm still seeing this problem in current CVS, which is making it harder for 
me to debug other issues I'm seeing there (namely, I can no longer skip 
forward or get length info in SD shows that have been transcoded recently).

An option to turn off the automatic updating of channels would work for me 
until we can work out keeping the xmltvid in sync with the channels.


At 09:20 AM 5/18/2005 -0700, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
>The attachments were too large for the list, but can be found at 
>http://wendy.seltzer.org/mythtv/kqed.{day, night}
>At 02:20 PM 5/16/2005 -0400, Taylor Jacob wrote:
>>Are you saying that the VCT that KQED is sending changes at night when they
>>change their programming?  They are supposed to list all channels they have
>>constantly and just mark them as off the air, not change the program listings
>>twice a day..   Can you dump your TVCTs for this station using dvbsnoop (or
>>send me the -v siparser output [the text channel found is what im mostly
>>looking for]) during the day and night?
>Attached output from dvbsnoop -spiderpid  as kqed.day and kqed.night (if 
>that's not what you needed, can you explain a bit further?)
>>If this is the case you may need to
>>give them a call.. The myth code is supposed to re-build your channel lists
>>using the VCT whenever it changes, otherwise you really are taking no 
>>of digital tv, but I don't believe the VCTs are supposed to be 
>>implimented like
>>you are describing..
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