[mythtv] mythfrontend crash in the EPG w/ backtrace

octothorp at gmail.com octothorp at gmail.com
Mon May 23 18:17:22 UTC 2005

On 5/23/05, Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu> wrote:
> > So you seem to be saying LxM bounties suck ass then, huh?
> Yeah, that's an analogous situation.  Good comparison.

So private people offering money in exchange for help is bad, but a
company doing it is not. I'll remember that. You're apparently very
easily offended.

> I asked for more info (namely, does it still repro with current cvs), and you
> said you wouldn't do that.  Why should I waste time asking you to provide any
> any more information, after you've already refused once?

During most of the two days there were very very few changes in cvs,
as you very well should know, and none which seemed relevant to what I
reported. You're just being an ass because you were annoyed and you
know it.

> I expect people that are using cvs to be able to update to a more recent
> checkout before re-reporting a problem.  If you're not capable of doing that,
> stick to the releases - you really shouldn't be using CVS.

As I said, it wasn't really "old" in terms of # of commits. What I
don't want to do is stay on a broken build forever whether anyone
responds or not. That's assinine.

> You don't think that that's excessive?  Do you see anyone else acting like
> this on either list?

What's excessive is your attitude. You know, if you spoke to people
like that in meatspace, you'd end up with bruises. I guess you have
that right, though. Are you french perhaps?
> > Further, I doubt it's just my issue. I'm glad you seem to only take
> > this attitude with some users and not everyone, or myth would quickly
> > die.
> I take this attitude with users who annoy me.  You annoyed me.

You certainly have that right. I was pointing out that I'm glad you
don't take this attitude with most people.

> > replying to bug reports which need more info. Insulting people does
> > not get good mileage.
> I you think I've been insulting you, you really ought to get out more.

Fortunately, when I "get out", folks are less willing to insult me
than when they puff their virtual chests out in emails like they're
pimp daddy developer and they're going to bitch-slap me down a peg.
You have that right, as I've said, but it's childish.

Have a nice day, pimp daddy.

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