[mythtv] mythfrontend crash in the EPG w/ backtrace

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Mon May 23 17:33:12 UTC 2005

On Monday 23 May 2005 12:10 pm, octothorp at gmail.com wrote:
> On 5/20/05, Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu> wrote:
> > Yes, in fact, I do.
> So you seem to be saying LxM bounties suck ass then, huh?

Yeah, that's an analogous situation.  Good comparison.

> > half about the same issue with no new information in any of the messages,
> > and
> Did anyone ask for additional info? I know I would have found that
> very helpful and would improve the quality of any future bug reports I
> dared to try and report.

I asked for more info (namely, does it still repro with current cvs), and you 
said you wouldn't do that.  Why should I waste time asking you to provide any 
any more information, after you've already refused once?

> > they're entitled to _IMMEDIATE_ support on an issue, it tends to make me
> > not care terribly much about their problems.
> I don't feel intitled to anything, and you're the one who wants to
> know about problems with the most possible current CVS and does not
> care about yesterday's CVS. Tell me then, how do I report about
> anything in CVS at all and have it be relevant if no one wants to look
> at anything until days later? Oh, it's old now. "Too bad, you're just
> a [l]user" is the response you seem to want to give.

I expect people that are using cvs to be able to update to a more recent 
checkout before re-reporting a problem.  If you're not capable of doing that, 
stick to the releases - you really shouldn't be using CVS.

You don't feel entitled to immediate support?  Let's review when you sent 

mythtv-dev:    05/19/05 12:50 am 
mythtv-users: 05/19/05   5:23 pm
mythtv-dev:    05/19/05   7:41 pm
mythtv-users: 05/19/05   7:43 pm
mythtv-dev:    05/19/05   7:44 pm
mythtv-dev:    05/20/05   1:30 am
mythtv-users: 05/20/05   1:31 am
mythtv-dev:    05/20/05 11:12 pm

You don't think that that's excessive?  Do you see anyone else acting like 
this on either list?

> Further, I doubt it's just my issue. I'm glad you seem to only take
> this attitude with some users and not everyone, or myth would quickly
> die.

I take this attitude with users who annoy me.  You annoyed me.

> Here's some advice. If you wanted a better bug report, have better
> instructions on your site, and feel free to make suggestions when
> replying to bug reports which need more info. Insulting people does
> not get good mileage.

I you think I've been insulting you, you really ought to get out more.

And, yes, acting like you're entitled to immediate support and sending 8 
identical messages to a mailing list is a _great_ way to get help.


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