[mythtv] dvb zero length record

Tj htpc at treblid.dyndns.org
Mon May 23 06:23:55 UTC 2005

Tom Hughes wrote:

>Does this happen all the time then? If it does then I doubt it's the
>same problem as my problem only happens occasionally as a PMT has to
>turn up on the old channel before tuning is complete.
I seldom get 0 byte recordings, but every time it did this its always 
case (3), aka "No data blah blah blah"...

>Do you get the "Timeout Getting PMT" message before those ones?
I didn't read my logs carefully and had already deleted the log file. :( 
Will the above message come up when I only do "-v record"? Will change 
it to a "-v all" when I go home tonight.

ATM i had scheduled a whole bunch of recordings and hopefully some will 
end up as 0 byte recordings.

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