[mythtv] Backend dies: only when recording to a remote nfs mount.

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Sun May 22 16:49:40 UTC 2005


I've been looking at my backendcrashes for a few weeks now, going nuts.
I finally found something to go on. My mythbackend's recordings 
directory is a NFS mount, hosted by my networks fileserver.

I have the backend die on me all the time. If I record locally, things 
are fine. I've tested this with .17, .18 several cvs versions between 
.18 and .18.1 and .18.1

Does anybody know:

- If recording to a remote nfs should work?
- If this is some sort of known problem?
- Is anybody succesfully recording to a remote nfs mount?

There's no segfault, and no backtrace I can provide. gdb says "invalid 
thread handle", and that's that. I can reproduce it very easily, so if 
more tests are in order I'd be most happy to.

My mount settings are provided trough fstab using this line:
ijskast:/below137/      /mnt/faststorage        nfs     noatime         	0 0

Thanks, Lucas

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