[mythtv] Building

Karsten Jeppesen karsten at jeppesens.com
Mon May 16 19:06:49 UTC 2005

Michael Tiller wrote:

> To make these easy on myself initially, I followed Jarod Wilson's 
> guide for setting up MythTV for FC3.  Now though, I'd like to have the 
> ability to build from scratch.  One thing I couldn't figure out was 
> how to get the kernel sources as ATRPMS.  Is this possible?  It seems 
> like such an obvious thing but it was not clear to me what the exact 
> form of the apt-get command should be.  Are there any HOWTOs for 
> building MythTV from source?  I'm assuming it is mostly ./configure 
> type stuff but what, for example, are the dependencies?

Since I am using YUM I am guessing here, but I assume that apt works the 
same way.
Source rpms do not "provide" anything so they can't be gotten using apt, 
yum or the like.
Log on to the repository and determine the URL of the srpm and then 
download and install using rpm itself. That is what I do.


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