[mythtv] Unsynchronized id3v2 tags in mythmusic

Hugues Lismonde hugues.lismonde at hli.be
Mon May 9 18:30:16 UTC 2005

On 08 May 2005, at 23:15, Stutty wrote:

> On 5/8/05, Hugues Lismonde <hugues.lismonde at hli.be> wrote:
>> On a side note, I'll begin to write a plugin to synchronize mythmusic
>> (maybe more in the future) with an iPod soon. Is there something like
>> that already started so I can either join the effort or wait for it
>> to come out?
> For info I have written a small app. (attached) that sync's my iPod
> directly to my MythMusic database - it is external to Myth, as this
> suits my setup better, you might find some of it useful!
> This is Work In progress, so is pretty rough and ready, and it may
> require a few dependencies I forgot about - see README.

Thanks a lot, that'll be a good start.
I hope I'll be able to get something done quickly.

Have a nice day,
Hugues Lismonde
hugues.lismonde at hli.be

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