[mythtv] Re: MythMusic: MetaLibrarian

Ian Jackson ianjackson at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 24 01:07:07 UTC 2005


I had a read and your MetaLibrarian thoughts are about bang-on. It seems 
your almost proposing a middleware solution, I really like the idea of 
haven a common interface in which all media applications can talk to. I 
love for this concept to extend to all meta information from myth. I 
imagine a layered architecture that uses an raw xml interface that 
everybody could inteface too. This would very much play into my idea of 
making improvements to the mythweb - music interface (as well as 
mythstream). If you can get a small porition of this to go ahead,  I'll 
help where i can. Unfortunately I don't have any C++ skills.

I know that Myth is all about convergence. I think application 
convergence is something worth considering.

Ian Jackson

Colin Guthrie wrote:

>> Hi,
>> Please can people give me feed back on this idea (link at the end).
>> It relates to how multiple applications can store audio metadata in a 
>> common form which everyone can query/update according to a common API.
>> It would remove a huge amount of complexity from applications and 
>> allow multiple applications to all work with common configuration 
>> setups, playlists and advanced metadata info, and common system for 
>> storing metadata.
>> It may not be the short term solution that MythMusic need with respect 
>> to the ID3 tagging issues that I introduced but it may be a good 
>> framework/movement to spin off from Myth for the greater good of all.
>> I would almost certainly require additional dependancies in Myth, but 
>> these could probably be maintained as wrapped up libmyth components.
>> It is a long description, so it will take you a while to read it, but 
>> I would really appreciate opinions/feedback as to whether anyone 
>> thinks it a worthwhile project.
>> Feedback to the email at the end of the link or on this list would be 
>> greatly appreciated.
>> I'm kinda expecting a "this is dumb/stupid/pointless" response, so I 
>> wont be offended if this is indeed the case and someone can open my 
>> eyes!!
>> http://colin.guthr.ie/content/view/5/31/
>> All the best
>> Col.
>> PS comments on my Mambo setup that I've done practically nothing with, 
>> will be ignored!!!!  ;) 
Sounds great if you can find the support among the tools.
Another that should be convinced is the Jinzora 
(http://www.jinzora.org/) webapp. They started using mysql for metadata 
also and it would be great to integrate their tool in mythweb.


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