[mythtv] xmltv, mysql

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Mar 23 16:38:23 UTC 2005

Kammi Cazze wrote:

> Hi,
> i'm quite new to mythtv and this mailinglist, so maybe the questions 
> i'm gonna ask are already asked 100dred times. I tried to find some 
> info about it in the ml but didn't find any.
> First of all ... i don't want to fork! ;)
> And second ... you all do a great job here.
> Now that is said, here are my questions.
> 1) One of the nicest features for me in mythtv over the other pvr 
> projects, is the mythbackend and different frontend structure. But my 
> problem are the X bindings for mythsetup to configure the mythbackend. 
> I don't like to install X on my big backend server. So here is my 
> question: are there any ideas or future plans to take out all the X 
> bindings (qt stuff) to make an x-less backend server?

I can't say for the future plans but in the "big picture", your X stuff 
takes up a terribly small % of your disk space and none of your CPU and 
memory to have installed.  The "harm" in having it there is negligable 
compared to the work that would be needed to make the system workable 
without it.  It has been talked about before and all the discussions 
seem to boil down to an effort/benefit analysis that doens't add up 
considering the massive amounts of disk space you consume with 
recordings compared to what the X related things actually require.

> 3) Are there any plans to support other db's than mysql?

I think there was some work before to try to get postgress working but 
it was the effort of a few, if not one, individual and I'm not sure 
where it lies.


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