[mythtv] mythweb updates always need to mkdir php_sessions

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Jun 30 23:56:55 UTC 2005

> That sounds odd (or maybe not). FWIW, I think the convention is that
> stuff in /tmp is not guaranteed to survive a reboot (hence, many
> UNIXes use "tmpfs" or some swap-like "fs" for /tmp). "Temporary" stuff
> that should survive a reboot is "supposed" to go under /var (/var/tmp,
> etc.), but then that software is supposed to be responsible for
> cleaning up after itself.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that /tmp is intentional -- php's default 
setup for session handling is designed for temporary data that would be 
ok to lose on a reboot.  Anything else is encouraged to be dealt with on 
your own, either through a database or through your own kind of file 
handling.  At the time I added session stuff to mythweb, I didn't have 
time to learn how to deal with the database side of things (didn't think 
it'd be an issue, and I didn't want to have to deal with 
mythweb-specific tables in the database), so I just changed the 
directory that the session files get written to.  This apparently causes 
issues/annoyances for some people.

I now have some need for mythweb-specific tables in the database, and 
it's easy to add the database-session stuff in, so I'll be doing it in 
the next week or so (I've already started -- just a matter of free time 
and yardwork)


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