[mythtv] MythPhone and DTMF

Paul Volkaerts paul.volkaerts at lineone.net
Tue Jun 21 22:13:37 UTC 2005

> I'm testing MythPhone and an Asterisk server. Until now, all work well.
> The problem is when I'm calling, I can't send DTMF signal. I mean I
> heard the sound in MythPhone, but the Asterisk console show that the
> server didn't receive the DTMF signal. I tried to change the DTMF mode
> in the Asterisk configuration (inband, rfc2833, info) but nothing
> change. I tried to change the audio compression as well in ulaw for
> instance, but nothing.
> Without sending DTMF signals I can't retrieve the voicemail.
> Does somebody already encounter this problem and fix it ?

I just ran a quick test and it seemed to work though my test was very quick.
MythPhone uses RFC2833 so Asterisk should be configured as that.  It also
needs to negotiate it during call setup. Can you take a look at the log file
in ~/.mythtv/MythPhone/siplog.txt.   You will have to make a call, clear it,
then exist Mythfrontend to ensure the log file is flushed from cache to

Check for a line in the INVITE that looks like "a=rtpmap:101
telephone-event/8000", and check this line also appears in the 180 or 200 OK
response.   (The "101" value may be different, the important thing is the

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