[mythtv] MythPhone and DTMF

Christophe Guerin christophe.guerin at eikonex.net
Tue Jun 21 12:04:25 UTC 2005


(I didn't know if I have to ask this question in the user or the devel
list, finally I asked it on both)

I'm testing MythPhone and an Asterisk server. Until now, all work well.
The problem is when I'm calling, I can't send DTMF signal. I mean I
heard the sound in MythPhone, but the Asterisk console show that the
server didn't receive the DTMF signal. I tried to change the DTMF mode
in the Asterisk configuration (inband, rfc2833, info) but nothing
change. I tried to change the audio compression as well in ulaw for
instance, but nothing.
Without sending DTMF signals I can't retrieve the voicemail.

Does somebody already encounter this problem and fix it ?

Many thanks,

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