[mythtv] multicast mpeg2 as an input (iptv discussion cont.)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jun 18 19:51:37 UTC 2005

Keith Irwin wrote:

> I actually wrote that last answer as a preemptive answer to the 
> question that I thought was coming.  But having said that, I realized 
> that the legality of mplayer, xine, ffmpeg, transcode, and a whole 
> bunch of other stuff is pretty questionable in the US since they 
> violate the software patents which we have in the US.  And more 
> importantly, MythDVD relies on DeCSS, so that's probably not the 
> answer.  So I withdraw my answer.  I was guessing, and I likely 
> guessed wrong.

xine and MPlayer (and all other packages you mentioned) do not have 
dependencies on deCSS.  In their default configurations, xine/MPlayer 
can play /unencrypted/ DVD's and /neither/ can play encrypted DVD's.  A 
user must explicitly install libdvdcss--*as a separate package*--to get 
encrypted DVD decoding support.

(Oh, and MythDVD works just fine with MPlayer or xine on a system 
without libdvdcss--it just won't allow you to play encrypted DVD's.  All 
unencrypted DVD's--like the ones you're likely to make yourself--play 
just fine.)


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