[mythtv] Realtime Commercial Flag / skip problem

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Jun 15 02:11:33 UTC 2005

> I am running CVS as of a week ago. I have been using the realtime 
> flagging since it came out but have not had any luck. Last night I 
> started to watch The Deadzone as it was being recorded. At the first 
> commercial the osd popped up and showed a commercial skip, but when I 
> pressed skip it osd showed 'Not Flagged'. Near the end of the recording 
> the last commercial skip worked. This was just a few minutes after the 
> recording stopped.

If you run mythbackend and mythfrontend with the "-v commflag" option, then
you'll be able to see the commflag update messages that are sent when
a recording is being watched while it is being flagged (whether it is
recording still or not).

It could be that it thought it detected a commercial break, then before you
could skip the break, the flagger reran the detection and realized it was
not a break so it sent out another update.


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