[mythtv] Re: DVB/ATSC Signal monitoring UI (v21)

Wendy Seltzer wendy at seltzer.com
Sat Jun 11 18:16:19 UTC 2005

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 02:10:57PM -0400, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
>I've added some debugging output to the dtvsignalmonitor when it gets
>it's first VCT table. I've also added a hack that should let tune to
>some program when it can't find the one you requested. It first tries
>to find one with the same minor channel number, and if that doesn't
>work it just gets the first one in the VCT.

Thanks Daniel, still not getting beyond the signal lock to show TV, but now the debugging seems to indicate that it's trying to match against a different channel numbering scheme.  Here are snips from the frontend and backend logs. 

backend (tuning to KQED sub1, in the db as 901):

2005-06-10 23:44:03.472 DVB#0 DVB SI Table Parser Started
2005-06-10 23:44:03.472 DVB#0 Using DVB card 0, with frontend pcHDTV HD3000 HDTV.
SetupSignalMonitor() -- dvb hack begin
SetupSignalMonitor() -- dvb hack done
2005-06-10 23:44:04.736 RunTableMonitor() -- begin (2)
AddPIDFilter(0) -- begin
AddPIDFilter(0) -- end
AddPIDFilter(8187) -- begin
AddPIDFilter(8187) -- end
2005-06-10 23:44:04.917 Looking for 90_1, but could not find it in VCT.
2005-06-10 23:44:04.917 Found 9_1, using it instead.
SetSignalMonitoringRate(0, 0)
TeardownSignalMonitor(closeChannel 0)
2005-06-10 23:44:31.325 DVBSignalMonitor::Stop() -- begin
2005-06-10 23:44:31.329 RunTableMonitor() -- shutdown
RemovePIDFilter(0) -- begin
RemovePIDFilter(0) -- end
RemovePIDFilter(8187) -- begin
RemovePIDFilter(8187) -- end
2005-06-10 23:44:31.641 RunTableMonitor() -- end
2005-06-10 23:44:31.641 DVBSignalMonitor::Stop() -- end
TeardownSignalMonitor() -- dvb hack begin
TeardownSignalMonitor() -- dvb hack done ok(1)
TeardownSignalMonitor() -- done
StopLiveTV()::closeRecorder -- begin
StopLiveTV()::closeRecorder -- end rbuffer(0)


2005-06-10 23:44:04.478 Changing from None to WaitingForLiveTV
2005-06-10 23:44:08.388 Timed out waiting for LiveTV to start
2005-06-10 23:44:08.394 UpdateOSDSignal(): waiting for live tv timed out
2005-06-10 23:44:08.436 UpdateOSDSignal(): waiting for live tv timed out
2005-06-10 23:44:08.509 UpdateOSDSignal(): waiting for live tv timed out
2005-06-10 23:44:08.571 UpdateOSDSignal(): waiting for live tv timed out
2005-06-10 23:44:31.296 handled(0) actions[0](ESCAPE)
internalState == WaitingForLiveTV
2005-06-10 23:44:31.296 Attempting to change from WaitingForLiveTV to None
[Thread -1323316304 (LWP 2685) exited]
2005-06-10 23:44:33.163 Changing from WaitingForLiveTV to None
2005-06-10 23:44:33.167 Attempting to change from None to None
2005-06-10 23:44:33.169 Attempting to change from None to None

I have my KQED channels in the database as 901-905, because that's easier on the remote and sorting than 9_1 (zap2it) or 91 (scan).  This works for liveTV without the patch.

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