[mythtv] DVB/ATSC Signal monitoring UI (v21)

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Fri Jun 10 18:10:57 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 19:34 -0700, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 10:24:30PM -0400, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> >On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 18:15 -0700, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
> >> reports Signal [60-80]% (LGv) Signal Lock but never displays any TV.

I've added some debugging output to the dtvsignalmonitor when it gets
it's first VCT table. I've also added a hack that should let tune to
some program when it can't find the one you requested. It first tries
to find one with the same minor channel number, and if that doesn't
work it just gets the first one in the VCT.

I may have fixed gad's problem. I couldn't reproduce it exactly, but
I did find a segfault with trying to use the recorder after it has
been deleted and found that the ringbuffer was not closed down on
some error conditions.

The patch is in the usual place:

This patch also contains some work toward getting the channel scan
working again, but it is still broken, so don't try it. :)

-- Daniel

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