[mythtv] don't autoexpire the show you are watching

henri henri at asu.edu
Sat Jun 11 17:52:54 UTC 2005

what would be the best way to have the (front or back)end
not autoexpire (or max episode limit) the show you are
currently watching?

doesn't happen often, but it's sort of annoying. you are in
the middle of a show and you get kicked out to the recorded
show listing and the show you were in the middle of watching
is no longer there.

it seems to me that it should be as easy as setting the
preserve bit on the show that is currently playing

setting should be easy enough, just do it in: 

void PlaybackBox::startPlayer(ProgramInfo *rec)

but where to un-set it? do we get a signal of some sort when
the thread that launches NuppleVideoPlayer is done?

or, should i do it in tv_play.cpp? (and use the statestr

to cover the case where the show was already preserved (or
two front ends watching the same show) doing a +1 then a -1
to the value would bring it back to what it was before.

which would imply a change from boolean to int for

i'm going to start looking into this, but if someone has
quick answers to the above questions that would be great :)



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