[mythtv] Off list: Chroma OSD (again)

Andy Poling andy at realbig.com
Wed Jun 8 04:57:44 UTC 2005

On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Isaac Richards wrote:
> The intention is that once mythui is a bit more mature, that the dedicated OSD 
> object types will go away and the OSD will be composited with the same object 
> types as the rest of the UI - just with a different painter than normal (a 
> yuv420 one for software blended OSD, argb for things like the pvr-350, could 
> possibly do one for this sort of this, etc).

I know that alot of folks (you included, Isaac) like the alpha blending
translucency of the current yuv overlay OSD, but one thing that struck me when
initially working on the Chromakey OSD is that it's just a normal X window
that I'm filling with a pixmap.

The cool part (which maybe nobody but me will appreciate :-)) is that with
COSD, the video background window *could* be managed using QT and all the
familiar tools.  Then the theming for the OSD could be completely integrated
with the rest of the theming.  Talk about lowest common denominator...

But then there's always that lack of translucency thing.  :-)


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