[mythtv] [PATCH] DBOX2 Feed Implementation 2005-05-10

Levent Guendogdu mythtv at feature-it.com
Mon Jun 6 20:52:30 UTC 2005


>>mythbackend is successfully doing the following:
>>1. Retrieves the channel list
>>2. Works out which from the channel list which channel ID matches the
>>default channel I've given it.
>>3. Switches channel (on the dbox) to the default channel that I've given
>>it. 4. When not in WatchingTV mode, polls the small group of channels I've
>>listed in mythsetup
This is all fine.


>>2005-05-30 12:52:41.103 DBOX#1: Creating PAT for PMT pid -1.
>>2005-05-30 12:52:41.193 DBOX#1: No TS header.
>>2005-05-30 12:52:41.420 DBOX#1: TS header at 42, not in sync.
>>2005-05-30 12:52:52.423 Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
>>2005-05-30 12:53:07.421 Couldn't read data from the capture card in 15
>>2005-05-30 12:53:07.423 DBOX#1: Recorder now offline. Reactivating EPG scan
>>I suspect that the last the "TS header at 42" line might contain the
>>clue. Can anyone shed any light on this?
Nope, "TS header at 42" is just a report, that the parser found a valid 
TS header at position 42 (instead of 0) and resyncs itself. It's not an 
error condition.

The next part is more interesting: "Couldn't read data from the capture 
card in 15


It seems your dbox does not return any data. Please make sure it runs in SPTS mode and has a recent image. (I recommend yadi-2.x). Also make sure your ucodes are up to date.

Sidenode to Andrew:

>Im not sure what else to suggest, wish I could be of more help. Maybe the 
>author can be of some help, not sure what has happened to him though, its 
>been over a week since his last post. 
I'm alive, nothing happened to me, just a bit too much work, Andrew ;)

>I will purchuse a real DBOX2 soon so I can record 2 channels at once, then I 
>will be able to help some more. What brand/model are better ? 
Well,  if you have a choice - and ask me - stick with the dreambox. A 
100MBit/s NIC is just too nice to have ;) If you still decide to buy a 
DBox, I think the ones from Philips and Sagem are more stable than those 
from Nokia.


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