[mythtv] [PATCH] audio sync adjustment

Robert Lippmann rlippmann at imsventures.com
Thu Jun 2 21:14:27 UTC 2005

> > I have a rather clever audio
> > processor which adds some delay to the audio and need to usually hack
> > the code a little to account for the offset (I didnt do it as cleanly as
> > you did)
> to see how to handle algorithmic delay for audio, see audiooutputbase.cpp
> AudioOutputBase::SetAudiotime(void)
> this adds unprocessed samples to the currently playing timecode estimate.
> this will work for any algorithm. this is what I did for the timestretch
> implementation.
> cheers
> mark

out of curiousity, why not just use the av_resample stuff in ffmpeg?

-- rob

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