[mythtv] Updating scheduled recordings from script

James Smith james at floppy.org.uk
Thu Jun 2 21:03:01 UTC 2005

Ah, thanks a lot for the pointer! Despite reading through the docs and
looking around on the web, for some daft reason I didn't think to check
the options of the backend itself... doh! Working nicely now anyway,
thanks a lot! I'll let you all know when the script is finished in case
it's useful to anyone else.

On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 15:52 -0500, Robert Kulagowski wrote: 
>   mythbackend -help
> Invalid argument: -help
> Valid options are:
> -l or --logfile filename       Writes STDERR and STDOUT messages to filename
> -p or --pidfile filename       Write PID of mythbackend to filename
> -d or --daemon                 Runs mythbackend as a daemon
> -v or --verbose debug-level    Prints more information
>                                 Accepts any combination (separated by comma)
>                                 of all,none,quiet,record,playback,channel,
>                                 osd,file,schedule,network,commflag,audio,
>                                 libav,jobqueue
> --printexpire                  List of auto-expire programs
> --printsched                   Upcoming scheduled programs
> --testsched                    Test run scheduler (ignore existing schedule)
> --resched                      Force the scheduler to update
> --nosched                      Do not perform any scheduling
> --version                      Version information
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