[mythtv] DVD-T UK xmltv ids

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Jun 2 16:36:30 UTC 2005

On Thu 2 June 2005 16:50, Ed W wrote:
> What about matching against station name field?  Do these stay fairly
> static on HD?  They seem fairly constant and unique for DVB here?  I
> think it would be maintainable to have a name/table/xmltvid/icon table?

Keeping the information up to date might be an issue. If you went with a 
static table, shipped with each version of MythTV then I forsee problems with 
channels changes and new channels. Imagine that a new channel is launched 
tommorrow but the next version of Myth isn't due for another few weeks or 

At least for those already using xmltv I think it might be an idea to fetch 
this information from the internet. The latest information could be added by 
a team of volunteers and would be quickly available. It could be cached 
locally in a table to avoid heavy strain on the hosting site. Myth could also 
ship with the latest information for those without a permanent net 
Stuart Morgan

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