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Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Tue Jul 12 07:45:37 EDT 2005

Kieron Wilkinson schrieb:

> Greg Estabrooks wrote:
>>  Here is what I propose. I could add an option to the player setup
>> screen to allow for Multiple Disks/Roms for that particular emulator,
>> and then as long as the files are named Majong.1 a .adf, Majong.2.adf 
>> (or
>> Majong-1.adf, Majong-2.adf, etc) they will be detected.
> There are a few naming convensions out there for this. For example, 
> TOSEC (which covers a whole load of systems not just Amiga). In this 
> you have names such as "A Cool Game [publisher, etc] [Disk 1]".
> Also the CAPS naming convension uses many diffent names for multiple 
> disks, i.e. Disk 1, Disk A, Disquette 1, etc.
> Just suggestions but:
> Both of the above usually keep disk images in ZIP files. Therefore you 
> can know which disks belong to a particular game, and if you made that 
> a requirement for every system, detection might be a lot easier.
> To find out the order of the disks to put in the disk drives, you 
> could sort the list of disk files in the ZIP and add them one by one 
> up to the amount of drives the emulator/system supports. This should 
> work in the vast majority of cases. It may fail, but there are lots of 
> multi-disk games that only work from the first drive anyway.
> I don't know how much work that is, but I think above is a good way to 
> do it.
>>  A single entry for Majong.adf(The .adf will not be displayed in the 
>> tree list) will be placed in the database along with a detected disk 
>> count
>> placed in a field named disks.
> Don't forget there are IPF files too! :)
>>> And I thik a way to edit Metadata would be nice,(lik suggested 
>>> yesterday) I
>>> think we can copy that from MythMusic, I'm looking forward to doing 
>>> that.
> There is an emerging standard for this spearheaded by Cloanto - which 
> is not system specific. It involves putting in all the information you 
> would need to get a game to run (emulator config, multiple disk names 
> etc.). If you supported that, you would get lots of other people 
> filling in the information for us to use :) If you are interested, 
> I'll find the link... It is not finalised yet unfortunately, but a 
> Linux library to handle it might get things moving and make it easier 
> for you, so I'll suggest that to them!
>>  I just don't see the value in this. The metadata all gets wiped when 
>> doing
>> a game scan, and there just isn't much beyond Genre, Year, and Game Name
>> that would be worth editing. My goal is to have as much of that auto
>> filled in for as many different gametypes as possible.
> TOSEC naming, a current emulation "standarard" has all that 
> information which you could use. Might be a lot more work though...
> Kieron
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but i want the metadata not only for amiga games... i think for a way to 
store it for all emulators and games...

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