[mythtv] mythgame : features...

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Fri Jul 8 08:58:23 EDT 2005

> I think in the Configuration we could use something like This
> ./uae -s floppy0=0 -s DF0=%rom% -s flopp1=0 -s DF1=%rom2%
> We also coul generate a option
> Multiple Disk Roms so you can use it In any emulator

 Here is what I propose. I could add an option to the player setup
screen to allow for Multiple Disks/Roms for that particular emulator,
and then as long as the files are named Majong.1.adf, Majong.2.adf (or
Majong-1.adf, Majong-2.adf, etc) they will be detected.

 A single entry for Majong.adf(The .adf will not be displayed in the 
tree list) will be placed in the database along with a detected disk count
placed in a field named disks.

 You can then use %d1 %d2 %d3 etc etc to represent each disk in the
commandline.  This keeps the code generic enough to be applied to any of
the various players or gametypes.

> I think we also need a new field in the DB, so that we could store the
> Gamename without the Ending, that it looks nicer.

 Do you mean store "Mahjong" Instead of "Mahjong.adf" ? I don't think
that's really needed as there is already a field for that which is currently
being filled with the rom filename. I could easily make it not display the
extension in the tree. Eventually I want to try and auto fill that field with
a prettier name when scanning for games.

> And I thik a way to edit Metadata would be nice,(lik suggested yesterday) I
> think we can copy that from MythMusic, I'm looking forward to doing that.

 I just don't see the value in this. The metadata all gets wiped when doing
a game scan, and there just isn't much beyond Genre, Year, and Game Name
that would be worth editing. My goal is to have as much of that auto
filled in for as many different gametypes as possible.

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