[mythtv] New MythGame not populating rom database

harywilke harywilke at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 7 17:42:13 EDT 2005

On Jul 7, 2005, at 10:22 PM, Greg Estabrooks wrote:
>  I think the problem here is because for some reason your
> gamemetadata table didn't get updated when db check created
> the gameplayers table. Two new fields are added to gamemetadata
> in the exact same piece of code and for some reason it doesn't
> look like they happened.
>  Can you let me know the results of this SQL query:
> select * from settings where value = "GameDBSchemaVer";
>  It should be set to 1005, which is the version set after the
> gamemetadata table gets udpated and the gameplayers table created.
>  I just tried it on a fresh one here and it made the alterations
> properly.
>  You can make the changes manually with the following:
> ALTER TABLE gamemetadata ADD COLUMN rompath varchar(255) NOT NULL  
> default '';
> ALTER TABLE gamemetadata ADD COLUMN gametype varchar(64) NOT NULL  
> default '';

Ok good news it loads the rom titles into the database after adding  
those two columns.
I don't know why i didn't get those two columns earlier. My  
GameDBSchemaVer is 1005, I even vaguely remember seeing it get  
upgraded. strange, but fixed now. thanks

>> another thing i noticed on the mac version, when scanning for games
>> the progress bar comes up with osme text above it that tells you what
>> type of roms are currently being scanned. I don't see this text on my
>  This should show up on all systems. There is nothing in the
> code that would cause it to not show.

hrm. don't know why it doesn't show up for me on my linux box. not  
critical by any means though.

>> FC3 system. I get the progress bar which sticks at %50,
>  The 50% is currently hardcoded :)
>> flickers(like
>> a full screen redraw), then finishes. and both versions take a few
>  It actually flickers? Odd since nothing is drawn to the
> screen at all during the scan. At the moment it's not even
> incrementing the progress bar.

ok i should have been more clear. Now that i've given it a more  
critical eye I realize I am seeing the progress bar box area being  
redrawn between scans of different rom directorys. I noticed it  
because i put in two mame game types and it scanned the mame rom  
directory twice. I have a lot of roms, so it was sitting at %50, then  
blinked off revealing the background, then back on to %50 again.  
hence the apparent flicker. I don't think there is anything wrong  
with this. i was just grabbing at straws when the database thing  
wasn't working.

>> seconds to switch after you select Games Settings button on the Media
>> Settings page. Much longer than say changing from the Setup page to
>> the Media Settings Page. I'm not sure why this is.
>  Happens almost instantly here. Is it slow only the first
> time? Can you go out and back in and it happen faster the
> second time?

It's consistatly at about 6 seconds on my dual P3 1Ghz. I know it's  
no workhorse, but it seems weird for it to take so long to switch  
into mythgame's setup. switching into the play games screen doesn't  
take this long.

Now that i've got the games all loaded in, i notice that the Genre  
and Year information that was being added before by catver.ini is no  
longer being applied to the listings in the Play Games window. is  
there a way to work this back in? It is very useful. What might also  
be nice, is to be able to edit the metadata of individual roms for  
systems that don't have a catver.ini type file. That way it would be  
possible to assign genre's and years to all your roms. egads! that's  
a daunting task. You could use the genre's in cavtver.ini as a  
starting point. If you do plan on some way of editing the info of  
individual roms, it would be nice if there was a little 'I' logo on  
the screen. so people would know that there is a way to get info on a  
title.  or 'E' for edit.

thanks a ton.

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