[mythtv] Re: How you can help Commercial Flagging development

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Wed Jul 6 09:53:56 EDT 2005

John wrote:
> Lucas (et al.),
> Is there an established public location where we can collect the various 
> ideas for commflagging, for example a dev-oriented section of the main 
> wiki?  Ideally, it would list each idea (no matter how remotely 
> possible), if it has been attempted, if it is actually implemented 
> (either as part of an existing class like ClassicCommDetector, or its 
> own derived class), who may be working on it, and what the major issues 
> are with the approach.

Well, something like that could go on the wiki, or people could just 
read the archive :)..  I don't really mind either way, but I'm also a 
new kid around the block over here, having done no development at all 
except for that pluginification of the mythcommflag code. Chris Pinkham 
  programmed pretty much all of the classic commdetector. Maybe the new 
ticketing system has a feature that can be used for this.. I really 
don't know..  FWIW that list would probably not be more than:

- blank frame + scene detection + logo + aspect ratio changes are done 
in the classic commdetector
- nothing else is done.
- audio is a good candidate to be looked at, but the plugin architecture 
needs to be extended slightly to accomodate this.

- an online collection of somehow identifaction items for commercials 
has been suggested frequently, but noone that can code has done it. I 
think this would be a lot of work, and devtime would be spent way more 
efficiently by making the commflagger work better, as there are a lot of 
areas that are screaming for improvements... (scene change detection as #1)

if you'd like to put that list of a wiki somewhere be my guest :)

Bye, Lucas

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