[mythtv] mpeg2-ps files from mythtv

Marcus Metzler mocm at mocm.de
Sat Jan 29 13:23:41 EST 2005

>>>>> "Torbjörn" == Torbjörn Jansson <torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se> writes:

    Torbjörn> Something must have changed in cvs (maybe big dvb
    Torbjörn> patch?) that affects how mpeg2 files from my dvb-c card
    Torbjörn> are created.

    Torbjörn> Previously i was able to play mpeg2 nuv files just fine
    Torbjörn> in windows, but now it is not posibel to open the file
    Torbjörn> at all in most mediaplayers.  If i run the file thru
    Torbjörn> replex the resulting file plays just fine.  (vlc can
    Torbjörn> play it even before running replex, but without audio)

    Torbjörn> Have something changed that coud have caused this?  If i
    Torbjörn> examine the file before and after running replex i can
    Torbjörn> see that they start differently, before "00 00 01 E0 07"
    Torbjörn> and after running replex it starts with "00 00 01 BA 44"
    Torbjörn> I don't know if that have anything to do with it or not.

I removed the PS headers from the transformation process because most
players don't need them and they were incorrect anyway. So the result
is no longer a pseudo program stream, but a stream of more or less
well muxed PES.

    Torbjörn> But i do know that one way that windows uses to identify
    Torbjörn> the file as mpeg2-ps is to read the fist 5 bytes,
    Torbjörn> bitwise and with FFFFFFFFC0 and then check if it's
    Torbjörn> 000001BA40 So it makes sense that it can't recognize the
    Torbjörn> file, don't know it that matters or not.

That is a very narrow minded way to check for a PS.

    Torbjörn> It woud be nice to not have to run every recording thru
    Torbjörn> replex to make it play.

It would be better to store the recordings in their original transport
stream format anyway, so that you won' lose so much information. In
that case you would also need replex to make a TS, or maybe your
player can play transport streams.


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