[mythtv] Another CVS compile error with DVB

Endaf Jones jonese at zener.com
Tue Jan 25 17:10:55 EST 2005

Humm, I thought I was sorta doing the right thing:

1) Download kernel-2.6.10 sources
2) Download dvb-kernel-CVS tree
3) Intergrate dvb-kernel-CVS into 2.6.10 sources
4) Compile kernel, install, reboot
5) Download mythtv-cvs
6) Enable dvb support, change INCLUDEPATH to the dvb-kernel-cvs path
7) Compile mythtv-cvs


# Endaf

Taylor Jacob wrote:

>Quoting Endaf Jones <jonese at zener.com>:
>>I've always used the includes from the kernel-dvb CVS sources (once I
>>have merged it with 2.6.10).
>>INCLUDEPATH += /usr/local/src/dvb-kernel-cvs/linux/include
>The more I think about it this is just a plain bad idea to put the headers in
>the myth code..
>If you are using any of the kernel DVB drivers it will be API Version 3.0 which
>does NOT include the modifications I made to add in ATSC support.. If you
>include the headers in dvbkernel-cvs which include ATSC (API 3.1) you get ATSC
>support.. But that will cause problems if you mix and match headers will it
>not?  I.E. we put in 3.1 api headers in myth and you are using 3.0 api
>dvbkernel?  You are using 3.0 headers but have 3.1 api dvbkernel?
>I think the only right way to do this is the linking scenario that has been
>mentioned a few times here.. I personally have only seen this issue once before
>and it was something silly I did like use the wrong includedir.. Wish I could
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