[mythtv] DVB Changes / Patch Applied

Tim Davies tim at opensystems.net.au
Mon Jan 24 09:09:25 EST 2005

Jesper Sörensen wrote:

> You recording PS? This only works for TS currently, but the code is in 
> CVS so it should add that pid if it's not already added (e.g. the 
> video stream)...
TS.  I can't get the 1080i stations running smoothly with the PS...

> Try: tspids < file.ts
> (tspids is in the Debian package dvb-mpegtools... Don't know about 
> other dists but I think you can find it.)
> I also think you can use the -if argument to dvbsnoop to work on a 
> recording.
Looks like the PCR stream isn't there.  I've got the PMT, NIT, Video, 
MPEG Audio and AC3 Audio.  No PCR :-(.

A place to start looking anyway... Although the code looks pretty 
straight forward.  A job for tomorrow.

> I only get AC3 once in a while, but when I do it is sent in *addition* 
> to a regular audio track.

Yeah well, we get either MPEG, AC3, or MPEG+AC3.  And you can usually 
find all the combinations at any particular time!

I think there is a rule here that the SD stream must have MPEG (but 
additional AC3 optional), but the HD stream is a free-for-all.


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