[mythtv] MythPhone - Possible Bug report

Paul Volkaerts paul.volkaerts at lineone.net
Sat Jan 22 16:26:42 EST 2005

Can you send me a copy of ~/.mythtv/MythPhone/siplog.txt after this has
happened.  You will have to exit mythfrontend to make sure the log file has
been written to disk properly.  Also, what version of Messenger are you

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> Subject: [mythtv] MythPhone - Possible Bug report
> I am running the latest CVS of Mythphone and trying to connect to it
> from a Windows XP client via the FWD SIP proxy.
> The possible bug is that when I initiate a call from Mythpone to my
> Windows Messenger client the link is set-up and runs well until I drop
> the call.
>  However when I start the call from Windows Messenger the call gets
> set-up and works well but gets dropped by MythTV within a timeframe of
> about 30secs to 1 minute.
> I will get a StackTrace but i cannot get gdb setup correctly.  My
> debugging attempts so far have proven that is I comment out
> sipFsm->HandleTimerExpiries(); in the main SIP thread then the call
> continues perfectly.  Obviously this breaks other functionality.
> Steve hayles

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