[mythtv] Roku, mythtv integration, mvpmc

David Shay david at shay.net
Fri Jan 21 10:26:26 EST 2005

Development team,

I just recently found a product called Roku HD1000
(http://www.rokulabs.com/products/hd1000/index.php), and generated some
traffic on the mailing lists about.  I am just stepping into HDTV, and just
bought a PCHDTV 3000 and am getting it configured.  The Roku seems highly
extensible with it's SDK.  I will probably buy one soon, with the goal of
getting some level of integration with Myth.  It was clear that the team
wasn't very happy with the way that the mvpmc group/project was working, and
I was wondering if the group was open to starting a new initiative to work
with the Roku stuff.  If so, how would you recommend proceeding?  I just
wanted to start off on the right foot.


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