[mythtv] Mythfrontend and Audiophile 2496 (ICE1712) ALSA hangs

Pekka psx at pp.inet.fi
Thu Jan 20 16:13:30 EST 2005

> Ed Wildgoose <lists at wildgooses.com>
> >After killing the frontend with Ctrl-C I noticed that the ethernet connection is down. 
> I suspect initially that the loss of network is causing the other 
> problems.  Try to resolve this first.

Somehow this seems to be mythtv/ALSA -related: 
I disables the internal ethernet in BIOS and installed 3c905C Tornado. 
I get the same symptoms - it only takes few minutes instead of 20sec before the hang. 

Every other program works flawlessly except mythfrontend. 
Even mythfrontend works right with /dev/dsp (compiled without ALSA and used with internal Mobo-soundcard and without Audiophile card). 
And if I copy .nuv-files from backend to frontend I can watch them with xine and mplayer with ALSA and audiophile. 

What should I check next? I'm running out of ideas...


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