[mythtv] [patch] tab cleanup of libmyth

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu Jan 20 12:16:26 EST 2005

> > Wouldn't be simpler just to live with the tabs, and set your ts=4?
> I thought we were meant to be trying to stick to
> http://mythtv.info/moin.cgi/CodingStandards

Why only pick one part then? Why not go through the whole source and make it
all comply?

One good reason is that it makes tracking changes harder, as soon as the tab
"fix" gets checked in, cvs annotate for those files will be significantly
less useful. To track a real change you will need to perform multiple diffs
involving the tab fix boundary or remember to ignore whitespace (which is no
help with cvs annotate).

White space and other style patches just make the temporal attribute of a
real change harder to determine.

Anduin Withers

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