[mythtv] BIG DVB PATCH V3.5 - Logical Channel Numbers

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 12 10:59:38 EST 2005

> Worked out why. When UpdateServicesInDb is called, the NIT object has no
> information unless you are doing a full scan. All three QValueList
> members in the NIT object are empty. Hence no LCNs. It works OK if you
> do a full scan. Not sure why the NIT object would be empty yet.

I have some code in my CVS now that changes the way tables are handled and
tracked.. Its almost working.. I had John test this in the UK and we are
picking them up now and its turned on on a NetworkID by NetworkID basis.. The
other problem is the LCNs that Juha has uses a different number of bits so it
will be fun to work this all out..  Too bad DVB didn't think of a "channel
number field".. Then again EIT doesn't have a "Subtitle" field either..

> There's a comment in UpdateTransportsInDb which suggests it might be
> better to grab the LCN information then and store it just in case.

See I always had plans to do it.. :)

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