[mythtv] Help Writing MythTV Plugin

Evan Klinger eklinger at uci.edu
Tue Jan 4 21:29:30 EST 2005

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> Have you looked more at the housekeeping thread of the backend?  Perhaps 
> this would be simpler as a housekeeping thread rather than a plugin.  It 
> doesn't seem that this is a "Plugin" in the true sense of the 
> architecture for MythTV which is for user visible frontend processes.  
> Also, how do you address the issues related to multiple Linux 
> distributions or even OS versions of the software?  What are you 
> checking to see that a new version is available?
> Just some thoughts,
> Kevin

I have not as I would like to keep the update code as separate from the 
main MythTV codebase as possible for easy updating. The plugin is for a 
client so it is using our download server which simply contains 
precompiled binary versions tarred, gzipped and signed. The compiling of 
new versions and packaging is currently done manually.

I tried using the fork() method and it did seem to work when my plugin 
inherited QThread but it seems that I'm no longer able to display 
messages on the main Myth screen. Perhaps I need to call qApp->lock() or 
another function to grab the GUI?


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