[mythtv] PCHDTV + DVB Integration / DTVRecorder RingBuffer Reversion Request

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Tue Jan 4 20:26:08 EST 2005

Taylor Jacob wrote:
>>DVB guide data can't replace xmltv in Australia either. Last I checked,
>>our networks were only transmitting information about the next two
>>programs. We can get xmltv data for up to a week via the internet.
> Yes its situations like this that require both XMLTV and OTA guide to be used.
>>I thought Taylor was objecting more to getting channel metadata from
>>Zap2It, rather than guide data specifically. All of the other metadata
>>should be available in on-air MPEG/ATSC tables.
> Yes.  This is exactly what I am talking about.. If the information required for
> tuning to a channel is not present then no set top box will be able to function
> either and the service will be useless to anyone regardless of what means they
> use to recieve it.. This data is always present and should be the driving force
> for your database.. Guide is a completely different story..

The more I think about it, the more I think this is a good idea, 
especially combined with what Bruce mentioned about never editing the 
basic channel data (name, channum, freqid, etc.) in mythfilldatabase. 
Get the channels set up using PSIP, and try to match them to DataDirect 
lineups.  We should probably create new channels for any DataDirect 
channels that aren't found.

So a new channel from PSIP (or the DVB equivalent) would have no xmltvid 
field, and would be matched at mythfilldatabase time by looking at the 
freqid and major/minor channel numbers; we would then fill in the 
xmltvid.  A channel that does have an xmltvid would be matched using it, 
which would allow using DataDirect listings even when Zap2it has freqid, 
major, or minor channel number wrong.  Any DataDirect channel that fails 
to be matched would be created at that time.

Filling in PSIP guide data is another, more complex matter.  I think 
we'd want to try to match existing DataDirect-provided programs with 
what's given in PSIP and only update them, so as to preserve their 
richer data.  The two most useful cases would be if PSIP has updated 
begin/end times, and if it has the correct episode where DD has it 
wrong.  I dunno how we'd detect these, though.  And there should be a 
way to specify "don't trust PSIP for this channel."

Of course, if there is no DD-provided guide data for a channel, there's 
no matching so we can just stuff it in.  As I mentioned before, this 
will require some parsing.  But I'm rambling now so I'll stop; the first 
step (after the new DVB bits go in) is to get this new mythfilldatabase 
behavior in place.

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