[mythtv] MythTV fails to delete files when drive is full

Doug Goldstein cardoe at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 02:17:48 EST 2005

if my partition where MythTV records shows to fills up then
mythbackend will start dumping a message to mythbackend.log every
second or less until that partition is filled. At this point, when I
go in via MythFrontend, I can do everything except delete. When I try
to delete, I get a message that tells me the backend has gone away to
check that its working. But the backend is running fine and I'm able
to watch shows and do everything except delete. I'll just keep getting
that message no matter what show I try to delete. I can try to delete
via MythWeb but it just sits there trying to load the page after I
click the Delete button. The only fix is to kill the backend, delete
the mythbackend.log file and start the backend up and immediately
delete a show to make some space.

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