[mythtv] [patch] Updating channum for HDTV

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Jan 3 16:40:58 EST 2005

Doug Larrick wrote:
> Ashley Clark wrote:
> Otherwise, you could write a simple MySQL script that fixes the damage, 
> and run it daily after your mythfilldatabase run.

Been there, done that.

This and the other issue today about editing the channel numbers
makes me wonder if the idea, or at least approach, to updating
existing channel info isn't a bit funky. The first day I had
DD I edited the channel names to shorten the really long ones
and add the affiliated network for local stations and such. The
next day my edits were gone and I didn't bother doing anything
about it.

However, these cases today and possibly the desire to match or
mis-match callsigns suggest that maybe there is more harm than
good to overwriting fields of an existing channel. If a station
changes such as TNN->SpikeTV there ought to be a new xmltvid
and if the channel number change there probably ought to be a
new chanid for it anyway. In the section commented "Now, update
the data for channels which do exist" it just indiscriminately
overwrites customizations with the same old data for the matching
xmltvid/sourceid pair.

I wonder if instead it should add a new row if the xmltvid/sourceid
AND freqid don't match an existing chanid. This should take care
of a different station on an existing channel and an existing
channel on a new frequency. If that were true, I don't see a reason
why it should ever need to overwrite an existing channel's fields.

Ironically, it sounds like the wrong thing for this case where
TMS is sending the wrong freqid. However, this case would even
be easier to deal with. I recently had GSN moved. TMS said it was
moved to 75; Cox broadcast it on 95. If it checked for stationid
and freqid, I'd get a new entry for 75. If I then edited it to
be 95, mythfilldatabase would add another entry for GSN on 75.
I could unset the visible flag for 75 it would leave my 95 entry

The only nuisance I can think of is that a changed channel would
leave an old entry behind that the user would have to remove
for themselves. I think this rare case is less intrusive than
not allowing you to edit the callsign, name, channum of freqid.

Am I overlooking something obvious? Any objections or better

--  bjm

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