[mythtv] PCHDTV + DVB Integration / DTVRecorder RingBuffer Reversion Request

Steve Davies steve at one47.co.uk
Mon Jan 3 10:17:41 EST 2005

Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:
> HDTVRecorder wouldn't be too difficult to use in recording multiple 
> streams from the same channel. This is intentional. What is needed 
> mostly is a scheduler that is aware of multiple 'channels' that can be 
> recorded at once, and that cards can record either ATSC or NTSC at 
> any one time, but not both. As soon as your DVB patches get applied to 
> the MythTV CVS we will begin integrating the DVB and ATSC database 
> schema, esp if this means the scheduler can take better advantage of the 
> hardware.

The scheduler is already part-way (fully even?) to being able to do this 
- As you know MythTV already has the card and input distinction in its 
database structure. As part of this it is possible to flag a source as 
"shareable", marked by the column in the cardinput table. This flag 
tells the scheduler that all channels on this input can be recorded 

Whan the scheduler was revamped last year I gave this feature some 
rudimentary testing, and it should just be necessary to modify the 
DVB/HDTV code to report each MUX as an INPUT on the digital CARD 
(requiring a separate SOURCE for each), and set this shareable flag to 
"Y" for that input.

If ATSC/NTSC channels are also kept on separate "Virtual inputs" I 
believe you have a scheduler that meets requirements :)

Hope that helps.

Steve Davies                   steve at one47.co.uk

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