[mythtv] OS X frontend (was: request: OSX mythfrontend and winmyth for CVS backend)

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 3 08:56:42 EST 2005

On Thursday 03 February 2005 1:09, Nigel Pearson wrote:
> > I have DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH set in my .bashrc/.bash_profile which is 
> > it doesn't have a problem running from the terminal.  Any thoughts 
> > how I can get it to properly find the Qt library when launched from 
> > the Finder?
>  You need to modify the load paths in the executable and its libs
> (i.e. produce a self-contained package). I use a script called 
> makebundle
> which I run (manually) after the make command.
>  Jeremiah has a nice packaging script here:
> http://whpress.com/mythtv/

Thanks, I figured it was something like that.  I'll try the script when 
I get home.


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