[mythtv] Now and Next EIT on Dutch TV.

Daniel Chassot dcha at danielchassot.com
Fri Dec 23 19:44:44 EST 2005

> Excellent, fixes the  problem perfectly. SVN from #8239 should support
> now/next, but obviously doesnt in these cases. Is the problem that
> siparse only uses now/next if the longer term data is ALSO available ?
> Perhaps this could be submitted as an "official" patch through the SVN
> ticket system, then we can see if it breaks somthing else :-)

There where already discussions about now next epg in the past and it
was not included because it was not considered as usefull.

Now as whe both have the case where this is the only "EPG"  available
for us perhaps we can push this further on.

Danielk include partially the now next information in ticket #755, but
it was more in order to get last minute schedule update as the ticket

Don't know if it will cause problems for people that have long term
data available?

I never submitted any ticket and in this precise case, I don't know if
I have to reopen ticket #755 or if it is better to create a new one?

Any suggestion???

Daniel C

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