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Micah F. Galizia mfgalizi at uwo.ca
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Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> Would it be possible to link against the mpeg libraries and if they
> happen to be there, then it would use them?

You can do this with late binding (dlopen/dlsym) with .so files, which
is how gaim works with it's protocol plugins.  However, doing so is a
huge hassle when you dont control the library APIs.

> Robert
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> On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 07:41:26AM -0700, Robert LeBlanc wrote:
>>I tried sending a message to the creator of the mythtv project on
>>alioth, but have not received a response. It will be very unlikely
> that
>>there will be a nightly package for sarge and etch. What I understand
> is
>>that packages are submitted to sid, they are tested for a while then
>>moved to testing (etch) and after they have gone through extensive
>>testing and bug fixes then move into stable (sarge). If we want the
>>project to get into the official Debian archive, we need to plan for
>>this type of flow. Those who want nightly snapshots will have to run
> sid
>>or at least etch. You could back port the nightly, but you run all
> kinds
>>of dependency problems.
>>If anyone on the Mac dev list can give the Debian packagers a nudge to
>>answer or e-mail me, I'd like to see the project move forward.
> I wouldn't worry about getting into the official archive too much,
> because it won't be straightforward due to MPEG encoding patents.
> Even mplayer stripped of its encoding abilities has not been accepted
> yet. MythTV would certainly not be accepted while it contains MPEG
> encoding; if you could strip that out (which would still allow PVR-x50
> cards, DVB/HDTV and Firewire) you would have a chance.
> Hamish
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