[mythtv] LiveTV Recordings question

Todd Tidwell artist at wildstar.net
Mon Dec 19 14:55:19 EST 2005

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> On Monday 19 December 2005 14:46, Todd Tidwell wrote:
> > Just "No?"  I realize that this is your baby, but that has to be one of
> the
> > rudest and most abrupt answers I have ever received from anyone in
> answer
> > to a question about group development project.
> >
> > First off, this software is fantastic.  One of the things that makes it
> > fantastic is that it is very configurable and very easy to make it
> behave
> > like each user requires or prefers.  To just suddenly nix a piece of
> > functionality because you don't agree with it, especially without some
> > discussion or explanation is incredibly unjust.
> I've already explained why on the lists several times, I don't see why I
> should have to continue repeating myself to every person who starts
> whining
> about livetv taking "more" disk space now.

I'm not complaining about disk space.  I'm complaining about the fact that
this is a useless thing for me and that there ought to be a way to simply
turn it off or expire them quicker.  And I'm sorry you've explained yourself
multiple times.  I've been through the archives and I never saw an
explanation that completely defends why this couldn't be the case.

> > Lastly, being a software developer myself for 15 years, I know that all
> > software benefits the most by making it accessible for the broadest
> range
> > of users.  The easy, simple, correct way to do that is to allow options
> and
> > to allow multiple configurations.
> >
> > Does anyone else think that it would be too hard to make this optional
> or
> > to create a quicker auto-expire functionality to the LiveTV Recordings?
> If
> > you have information that direction, then I'll even write the patch if
> you
> > can point me in the correct direction.
> And I'll reject any such patch.  LiveTV's staying the way it is.  You
> already
> have the option to auto-expire them after a day, anyway.
And I'm simply asking for a better time frame for those of us that want it
to happen quicker than a day.  If you're saying that you won't accept a
patch that simply does that, then that seems an incredibly arbitrary and
narrow-minded decision.

> Isaac


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