[mythtv] LiveTV Recordings question

Todd Tidwell artist at wildstar.net
Mon Dec 19 11:48:56 EST 2005

How about, then, a simple "Autoexpire LiveTV Recordings After Viewing" that
just simply means they get autoexpired as soon as you change the channel or
stop viewing LiveTV?  That doesn't seem like it would burden anyone in terms
of adding to the complexity.


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Todd Tidwell wrote:

> Is there a plan to allow for disabling of the LiveTV recordings? I 
> can, obviously, see the benefits of this for some users, but for me 
> it's worthless. It just clutters up my recording storage and tends to 
> confuse who see the LiveTV recording group collections.
> I've got to say that I love the rest of what has happened to Myth in 
> SVN since September. Things seems to be getting very tight and the 
> features that I used to use SVN versions for because they weren't in 
> the stable releases now seem to be incredibly stable. Overall I'm 
> incredibly happy. I just want to be able to turn off this LiveTV 
> Recording thing.
Turn off the viewing of LiveTV recordings in Watch Recordings. As for 
clutter, it has been discussed ad nauseum. The recordings will be the 
first thing auto-expired when space is needed for other recordings so as 
long as your auto-expiration settings are correct, the will never cause 
an issue with regards to space.


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