[mythtv] General XBOX client questions - (my xbox is broken - can I get XBMC running on it - read on...)

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:31:14 EST 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 12:04, Tom Lichti wrote:
> stuart wrote:
> > Hi...
> >
> > I am entering this in hopes that there are more technical people here
> > in mythtv land then on the average xbox list.  My xbox died w/o an
> > error code - just the "green" screen of death (suspiciously close to
> > the xbox 360 release... hum...).  Is there a discussion (people)
> > somewhere who know enough about xbox's to enlighten me as to the
> > possibility of turning this heap of junk into a mythtv client.  That
> > is, if all that died is the hard drive (I am hoping) can I still turn
> > it around into doing something useful?  (Actually a mythtv client
> > sounds more useful than the gaming - but I'll take that argument up
> > with my kid later.)
> >
> >     ...thanks
> It depends what the problem might be. With a hardware modchip, you can
> use any hard drive, I believe. I don't have much experience on the
> hardware side of the Xbox, but I just bought a second one for the
> upstairs TV... :)
> Tom

If its just the Harddrive (you should be receiving an error on boot, if not 
its prbly something much worse than a bad drive), mod-chip it ($30 bucks for 
an Xecuter2 last I checked), throw in a huge harddrive and use one of the 
harddrive setup programs (like Slayer's Boot CD) to set it up as an xbox, or 
use one of the xbox linux distro's to have it run linux.

email me off list, I've hacked somewhere around 50 xbox's and have done some 
other random surgery on them, might be able to help u figure out whats wrong.


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