[mythtv] IPTV in mythtv, the 'official' start?

Markus Nilsson markus.nilsson at fyrplus.se
Thu Dec 15 10:41:58 EST 2005


I've read in the old mailing lists and in the irc log that a few people 
are starting to work on iptv support in mythv, i.e., receive mpeg-ts 
streams via multicast UDP as a video source. I've just started up my 
subscription and can view the channels via vlc, and want them in mythtv 
for obvious reasons.

I'm guessing I could make an ugly hack by creating a /dev/video1 which 
handles the ioctl calls that are usually sent to a ivtv device and make 
it work. However, if someone else has started to work on a better 
solution, I am happy to lend my hand and help out. I have done a fair 
share of programming but I'm not a linux-expert though...

Markus, Sweden

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