[mythtv] Re: Ticket #781: RebuildSeekTable doesnt

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Dec 12 00:51:21 EST 2005

> looking at nuppeldecoder, if the nuv file doesnt have an embedded seek 
> table, it too will suffer the same problem.
> i.e. if this embedded seek table is corrupt you are stuffed. unless Im 
> reading it wrong.

nuppeldecoder uses a variable called hasFullPositionMap.  This gets set
to true if the positionmap is retrieved from the file.  When decoding
the video, for each type 'S', subtype 'V' frame found, if
hasFullPositionMap is false, the positionmap is updated with the new
keyframe info.  Then, when rebuild finishes, decoder->SetPositionMap()
is called to save the newly created positionmap.

So, if the file doesn't have a seektable, then this should rebuild one
into the database.  I have code somewhere to also fix the file in this
case, but I never added it to CVS/SVN.  I used to use it to fix bad
files before the seek info was added to the recordedmarkup table.


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