[mythtv] Re: Ticket #781: RebuildSeekTable doesnt

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Mon Dec 12 00:48:29 EST 2005

> >
>> The --rebuild option was originally meant to allow people to build the
>> seektable for a corrupt nuppel-format .nuv file or when they had to
>> rebuild the recordedmarkup table because of MySQL corruption.  That's
>> probably why I never noticed the bug because those were the cases I
>> was testing.
> looking at nuppeldecoder, if the nuv file doesnt have an embedded seek 
> table, it too will suffer the same problem.
> i.e. if this embedded seek table is corrupt you are stuffed. unless Im 
> reading it wrong.
I see why it works for nuv's.
recordingHasPositionMap does not represent partial info for nuppeldecoder 
but does for avformatdecoder and ivtvdecoder.
there is still a bit of a problem for db maps which arent complete. perhaps 
some way of using the partial info or continuing in seektable build mode if 
it goes past the end of the existing info. but that only works if you dont 
seek and create holes.


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