[mythtv] playback issues

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Sun Dec 11 08:27:13 EST 2005

I have 3 more playback issues which I am looking at (if I dont find more)

1. an avi I have plays audio in sync but pauses frequently (1 per sec)
2. occasionally in head since about 2 weeks ago, If I play a recording in progress (not live)
   I get the seek table update from the recorder stopped and must rebuildseektable after the recording is
  completed. I suspect its a race condition somewhere. daniel you may have some ideas here as I think (not sure) its about 2 weeks old. only started to happen since my head update middle of last week.
3. a more generic fix to libavformat for the problem in ticket #789. not that high on my list as it will only help the ffmpeg people. should be an easy fix.

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